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In this Blog, we will be covering basics about the digital marketing and help you understand how to become a successful digital marketer.

As we all know every business become successful because of only two reasons.

  1. Their Product
  2. Their Marketing Strategy

If any of the two fails the whole company fails. So before I take you farther let us understand the main difference between a marketing guy and a digital marketing guy.

Marketing Guy 

So marketing guy was a person who use to helps the product to reach its potential customers. They use to work on strategies like posting advertisements in newspapers, Banners, Posters, T.V, Radio etc. These were the traditional ways of marketing.

The downside of these marketing was that they were very broad means that you don’t even know that your potential customers are really engaging with that or not and on the other hand they were very expensive.

But as the market evolved and we show an increasing amount of audience shift towards digital. Traditional ways seem to fail in gathering audience attention. 

Ask your self when the last time you rolled your eyes from your screen to a banner on the road?

Hard To Remember Right?

Because now we prefer to search on Google rather the searching for information on newspapers etc.

So, Here comes the digital marketing guy into the picture.

Digital Marketing Guy 

A digital marketing guy also works for the same motive of helping the product to reach its potential customers. But in a more precise and cost-effective way.

By the time digital marketing platforms became so precise that now we can target our customers according to their Age, Interests, Sex, Location and even on which screen you are. 

Isn’t it amazing for an artificial jewelry maker in Delhi to target its customers based on this?

 Role Of A Digital Marketer 
The role of a digital marketer has evolved over the last decade from merely being an SEO and web content specialist to a creator, analytical thinkers, and data drivers.

“Digital Marketing Is Just About Understanding Your Clients Business. More you understand more your clients business, More he earns and more you earn”

Compared to various other business functions, it is the marketing wing, and more so digital marketing in today’s age of the Internet of Things, that houses the maximum touch points and feedback routes from the consumer. Leveraging their extensiveness of customer interaction, digital marketers must map these triggers and reactions to the objectives of the business and the organization’s marketing mix.

As is the case with every business function, digital marketers are also required to coalesce with the various other verticals and practices in an organization in order to achieve the shared objective. An isolated pool of purpose would do more harm than good. Hence, a view of various other functions in an organization, their nuances, principles, and operations would be greatly beneficial.

It is essential for a successful digital marketer to bring to the table a whole bag of qualities, most important of which are strategic thinking, creativity and business data analytics. The first two ensure campaigns and marketing activities are well rounded and holistic while being adept at data analytics can help marketers analyze these very strategies to better themselves

Most Important

A good digital marketer should be able to ascertain which digital marketing tool works best in a certain situation. Choosing wisely between tools such as affiliate marketing, paid/organic social media, email marketing or display targeting among many others can help reach objectives in a more cost-effective manner. While some tool may be the trending favorite according to industry experts, a good digital marketer should be able to ascertain what works best for his objectives, budget, offering, and mix.

Soft skills go a long way in starting things on the right foot and developing lasting business relationships. Whether it may be with vendors or fashioning appropriate messaging for potential customers, communication skills, social intelligence, attitude, body language certainly go the extra mile.


Digital marketing is not just about running advertisements on Facebook and Google. Digital marketing is all about choosing the right platform for advertisements using customers data.

In upcoming blogs, we will discuss more how to choose the right platform(tool) to reach your potential customers. So till then stay tuned.

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