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    Conversion rate optimization

    Key solutions

    Key solutions

    Conversion rate determines a business’ sales to a great extent. An increment of even 0.5% in the rate of conversion could lead to a 100% rise in sales. A perfect combination of the knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) along with traffic flow analysis, testing, and heat maps is exactly what we do! 

    Our main purpose is to increase your conversion rate, thus directing sales towards your business.

    Key solutions

    Key solutions

    Here at Delhi Digital Marketing Agency, we live by the uncomfortable truths that no matter how much traffic you build for your website, your efforts will go to waste unless you back them up with a conversion plan. That’s where conversion rate optimization becomes so important.

    To us, SEO and CRO aren’t just two separate entities – they’re the key materials to a harmonious painting, and we’re here to be your artists. With your website and business as our canvas, we’ll help you take your visitors through a simple, comprehensive, effective sales funnel that will boost your profitability, and make the most of your content efforts. How? Through effective, researched, precise testing and careful optimization.

    We Understand Conversion Rate Optimization

    Optimizing conversion isn’t quite like optimizing content. Search engines are tricky, but they’re generally reliable. Your demographic makeup, however, is a dynamic and changing human audience, with complex consumer behavior and changing patterns. Figuring out how to best use your business’ resources to tilt the sales odds forever in your favor requires expertise, and we have plenty of that.

    Conversion rate optimization is art, and we’re passionate about our collection.

    With decades of combined experience, we at Delhi Digital Marketing Agency approach every individual conversion optimization project with an individual, unique plan, and with a combination of data analysis and passionate testing, we ensure that every end results – albeit different and unique – leaves your website with a massively improved sales funnel, and a huge return on investment.

    Our CRO strategy is content-driven. Here’s how the process looks:

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Step 6

    Step 7


    Keyword analysis plays an important role when it comes to conversion rate optimization. As it determines from where your website is getting organic traffic. Irrelevant keywords bring irrelevant traffic to the website which increases websites bounce rate.


    To bring the relevant traffic to the website that converts is a dream of every business. In keyword optimization we try to remove unwanted keywords and enhance the performance of your targeted keywords.


    Google Analytics behaviour flow report helps us in understanding how exactly traffic flows on your website. Google Analytics helps in understanding which page is impacting the conversions.


    We use heat maps and screen recordings to monitor traffic to understand what exactly is the pain area. Which is causing the issues.


    After understanding the real cause we improve optimize your landing pages.


    A/B testing helps in improving the changes made in landing pages.


    Surveys are important to test the landing pages while doing A/B testing. Testing landing pages with real visitors could confuse the loyal customers

    Our clients say

    I love the way you people work. Unlike other companies, Delhi Digital Marketing Agency did not give false hopes. Since starting they showed us the right path as, where our business would go. Soon we were able to get good traffic on website through right Conversion Rate Optimization services.
    Hilary Leigh
    CEO & Founder
    It’s been quite long that we are taking multiple digital marketing services from Delhi Digital Marketing Agency, and now you people are like family. We are a start-up who do not have much expertise on digital marketing but Delhi Digital Marketing Aagency so they even provided us guidance over multiple other domains, which was beyond their job. Keep it up guys!
    Quintin Angus

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

    Conversion rate optimization or CRO is the systematic process of improving the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers, or more generally, takes any desired action on a webpage.

    Conversion Optimization starts with gathering data and insight about your customers and visitors through your CRM, Google Analytics, surveys, heatmaps, or any other tool. Based on these insights, you can tweak your landing pages to be more effective, add strong CTAs, conduct A/B tests, optimise your funnel and much more.

    According to a guide to CRO by Kathy Sierra – your website must be functional, accessible, usable, intuitive and persuasive. The essential steps to conversion rate optimisation are:

    • Start A/B testing
    • Craft a powerful customer value proposition
    • Use simple language in your copy
    • Create some urgency to make your customer take action
    • Address your customer’s concerns and remove them

    Conversion rate optimization can help a web site make the most of its traffic. CRO allows you to lower your customer acquisition costs by getting more value from the visitors and users you already have. Even small improvements in conversion can mean a big jump in revenue! By optimizing your conversion rate you can increase revenue per visitor, acquire more customers, and grow your business quickly and without significant paid investment.

    A good conversion rate varies across businesses and industries. According to a study by Search Engine Land, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%. However, the top 10% of landing pages in each industry perform almost 3-5x better than the average.