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(E-Mail marketing)

E-mail marketing is an effective yet inexpensive form of direct marketing that allows us to reach a huge audience by simply sending email messages. These email messages could contain promotional information such as product or service launches, advertisements, discount offers and deals.

Why Choose us

Email messages can be linked back to your website and integrated with sophisticated campaign management tools that help monitor click-through rates, Return On Investment and other measures which define the success of the Email Marketing Campaign.

As a top SEO company in India, we have extensive experience in E-mail Marketing.

  • We have designed and implemented many successful marketing campaigns for our clients.
  • We will ensure that you get the maximum amount of publicity through your email campaign, without being annoying or irritating.
  • We follow a well defined strategy when we provide Email Marketing Services, so you can be assured of the direction your email campaign is taking.

E-mail Marketing Campaign

Our professional team of designers, content writers and technical leads will:

  • Understand the objective of the E-mail Marketing Campaign (discount, new launch, corporate announcement) and your target audience
  • Conceptualize and create your emailer with contemporary design and crisp copy
  • Use sophisticated tools to send out the emailer
  • Track and monitor the Email Marketing Campaign and give clients reports with details on open-rates, click-through rates, conversions etc.

Techmagnate, the best company for seo services India, offers very affordable E-mail Marketing Services. With all the advantages that we offer, you get real value for your investment when you engage us to manage your Email campaign. This makes us the best choice you have when it comes to cost effective and capable Email Marketing management.

Fill in the form on the right or call us or email us to know more about getting reliable E-mail Marketing Services for your brand. It could be the turning point your business needs.


We develop E-mails marketing and advertising for our clients. We also take care of bulk email blasting and detailed reporting for the same. Whether it’s email newsletters, invites, marketing emails or periodicals – we develop and deploy them all.

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